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Senrab FC Constitution 2021/22

Rules and Constitution Updated 01st August 2021


  1. The Club shall be called Senarb Football Club for age groups U6’s to U18’s and shall be affiliated to the Essex County Football Association.

  2. The objective of the club is to provide local youths with the opportunity and facilities to play football from the age of 3 to adult.

  3. The clubs colours are red and black striped shirts – black shorts.  Away strips only to be worn if colours clash with the opposing team.  The away white and black striped shirts – black shorts.

  4. Kit equipment is the property of Senrab FC.

  5. All reasonable equipment costs: bibs/balls/cones etc will be paid for by Senarb FC subject to availability of funds and committee approval.  All requests must go through the club secretary.

  6. Club to provide home kits. The club will attempt to find a sponsor to help purchase new kits.  Fund raising events should be considered. .

  7. All Managers will be put through a level 1 coaching course. They must also have undertaken a CRC check, due to this being a mandatory requirement by the FA. Senrab will cover the cost of the CRC application.  However, if you leave the club within 18 months of completing your coaching courseyou will have to reimburse the club the money paid out

  8. Registration will only be completed once payment has been made.

  9. There will be a signing on fee at the start of each season, agreed by the committee.

  10. Players will not be de-registered or transferred until all kit has been returned or any outstanding fees or fines paid.

  11. All fines received from the relevant leagues registered to or the Essex FA will be paid by the club.

  12. Membership shall be open to all: irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status or sexual orientation.

  13. The Management Committee consists of elected members, positions which include: Chairperson, Club Secretary, Treasurer, Child Welfare Officers..

  14. All meetings of Senrab FC will be conducted in a civilised manner, speaking through the “Chair”.

  15. A minimum of 4 committee members is required for a meeting too take place.

  16. The committee are personally liable for the business of Senrab FC.

  17. Team managers are elected members of Senrab and as such are invited to attend Manager’s meetings.  

  18. Everyone connected with Senrab FC must preserve the good name and reputation of the club.  Failure to do so will result in the offending member being called up for a Disciplinary Hearing.  The committee shall have the power to fine or suspend players and to prevent parents from attending matches should it become necessary.  The committee shall have the power to recommend for expulsion any member deemed guilty of conduct deemed prejudicial to the good name of the club.

  19. The club will have a qualified Child Welfare Officer and Child Protection Policy in place at all times.

  20. The Club will have Codes of Conduct that must be adhered to for Managers/Coaches/Spectators/Parents and Players.

  21. The club will organise a Presentation Night.

  22. There will be one bank account only in the name of Senrab Football Club. The club treasurer to hold cheque books, cheques to be signed in accordance with the current bank mandate.  Two signatures are needed on any cheque.

  23. Committee meetings will be held approx. every two months and are mandatory.  Any committee member/manager who cannot attend must nominate a person from their respective team to attend for them, failure to do so will result in a £10 fine.

  24. The club will hold an Annual General Meeting, no later than June.  Any committee member/manager who cannot attend must nominate a person from their respective team to attend for them, failure to do so will result in a £25 fine.

  25. A resolution to dissolve the club shall only be proposed at a general meeting and shall be carried by a majority of at least three quarters of the members present.

  26. All administration requests by the committee must be completed within 7 days of the original date requested. Failure to do so will result in a £10 fine

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