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Player Registration Terms and Conditions

By registering with Senrab F.C., the player, and in the case of registering a minor, both the player and their parents and/or guardians agree to the following membership terms and conditions of the club.


1.  I request that Senrab F.C. accept this registration for season 2021/22.

2.  I declare that the information contained in my child's registration form is true and accurate.

3.  I agree to respect the coach's/coaching staff's decisions in relation to footballing matters relating to my child and understand the procedures involved if I feel that my concerns have not been dealt with appropriately in the first instance.

4.  I agree to inform Senrab F.C. representatives of any changes in circumstances and absences and will endeavour to notify of non-match and training attendances.

5.  I agree that by registering my child with Senrab F.C. I undertake a commitment to bringing my child to training and matches on a regular basis. If my child is an irregular attendee, is consistently late to training/matches or is absent for extended periods, without notification, then I understand that this may impact on the amount of match time my child gets and their subsequent re-registration for the following season.  

6.  I agree to abide by the rules, policies, statutes and regulations of Senrab F.C. and further any league/FA that my child will be affiliated to, including parent/player codes of conduct and respect.

7.  I agree to pay all fees, including registration fees, subs etc... prior to and during whilst my child is registered and playing for the club.

8.  I understand that if I fall to make payment of my monthly fees within seven days of its due date, then my child will be unable to train and play in matches until all outstanding payments are up to date.

9.  I declare that I do not owe any monies to and my child is not registered to play for any other football club.

10.  I am aware that the age group my child will be playing for is run entirely by volunteers and cannot operate without the assistance of parents of players each week in fulfilling the many and varied duties required.

11.  I understand that my child, myself, any other family relatives or friends may be removed from the club (as per set out in the guidelines) if their behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable.

12. I further understand that the club is not duty bound to resign my child for the following season and that their retainment to their team is reviewed at the end of the running season.

13. I understand that the playing kit is the property of Senrab FC and needs to be returned should I choice to leave the club.




Please make sure you read and understand the above terms and conditions.

By registering your child with Senrab F.C. you agree to be bound by these rules.

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