1.                All players are to respect the manager and his coaching staff at all times.

2.                All players should treat each other with respect. Bullying, inappropriate behaviour, racism and the suchlike will not be tolerated.

3.                Likewise, foul language and/or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.

4.                All players are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the pitch (win or lose).

5.                Players are expected to pick up after themselves following training or a match. It is not anyone else's responsibility to tidy up after you.

6.                If any player continues to misbehave, does not listen to instructions and their behaviour becomes a cause for concern then the manager/coach will address the issue with their parent and try to formulate an approach to tackle the behaviour.

7.                Misdemeanours considered unacceptable will be dealt with by the following steps:

1. Verbal warning.

2. Written warning.

3. Will be removed from the club.

8.            I agree to wear appropriate kit for training and matches, including shin pads at all times. Failure to do so will result in none participation.



1.                Parents must not coach children that are not theirs. We would also request that you refrain from coaching your own child when the coach is doing so as this is very confusing and frustrating for the children.

2.                Spectators are requested to stay behind the respect line at all times.

3.                Parents must not go on the pitch during a match unless expressly told to do so by an official, such as in the case of a serious injury.

4.                Abuse towards managers/coaches will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It is also your responsibility to ensure that your guest spectators conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.

5.                Parents are asked to respect and comply with team officials at all times.

6.                Make opposing teams feel welcome whilst appreciating good play on both sides.

7.                The referee's decision is final.

8.                The payment of any fines issued to a player are the responsibility of the parent and cannot be appealed.

9.                Please do not become reliant on others to bring your child to matches/training as this is YOUR responsibility.

10.             Please ensure that you take responsibility for your other children.

11.             The club, including the coaches, managers and volunteers accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage to any player, parent or guest spectator.

12.             Misdemeanours considered unacceptable will be dealt with by the following steps:1.

              1. Verbal warning.

2. Written warning.

3. Will be removed from the club.

13.          Our coaches/managers and staff are volunteers who give up their precious free time to coach our children and deserve the right to be treated with respect. Any parent or guardian who’s actions are deemed to be intimidating, threatening or demanding will be dealt with in line with the guidelines. Senrab F.C. will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards its staff.

14.          Likewise, any behaviour deemed to be unacceptable by Senrab F.C. will also be dealt with under the same disciplinary procedure. Please always refrain from inappropriately taking matters into your hands.

15.          If monthly payments are not received on the requested date, a reminder will be issued and if there is still no payment your child cannot train or play in matches.



Please make sure you read and understand the above terms and conditions.

By registering your child with Senrab F.C. you agree to be bound by these rules.